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  Public Ticket #1806362
Not working on 8.1 Asus ZenFone Pro m1


  • mdshabbir started the conversation

    Hello, call logs and text messages are not clickable, unable to chat with numbers from call logs or messages.

    Already sent recording on your mail. Previous ticket closed with solving problems.

    I hope this time I get solution. Spending double money (compare to other similar code available at half price) and it is not working. Very disappointed.

  •  65
    Parth replied

    Can you please provide me Teamviewer so i can help you to resolve this error

  • mdshabbir replied

    Why don't you update the code with fixes, it will be useful for all.

  •  65
    Parth replied

    Yes we are planing to update new version on codecanyon.

    that version is in testing mode as of now.

    So  i request you to provide teamviewer for quick solution.

    Thank you.

  •  65
    Parth replied


    I hope your issue has been resolved now.

    We are closing this ticket for now because its created so many days before.

    Still you can create new or re-open new ticket if you have any issue.

    Thank you.